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With so many resources out there, this must-have graphic design tool has saved me countless hours and boosted my productivity like no other – I can’t imagine my business without it! In the spirit of transparency, I am an affiliate* for this product, which means I may make a commission (at no extra cost to you) should you decide to purchase.

I will keep this post short and sweet – cause time is money and that’s what I want to share today.

When I first started out in branding, the one thing that I semi-dreaded towards the end of a project is exporting all of the beautiful logo variations that I had created for my clients. For my custom branding projects, I usually create at least 10 logo variations so that there is versatility in their brand identity.

Now, take these 10 logo variations… and multiply them by the following:

  • Color formats: RGB, CMYK, Pantone
  • File types: PNG, JPEG, PDF, EPS, SVG
  • Brand colors + Black, White, Greyscale
  • File Size (small, medium, large)

Now, I have never been good at math, but that seems like an abnormally large number to have to spend time exporting logo files.

Until one day, a magical tool caught my eye in a Facebook group and changed my life.


Introducing… The Logo Package, the best Illustration plugin and graphic design tool ever!

The Logo Package Express is an “Adobe Illustrator extension that automatically generates and exports logo packages with blazing speed“.

I can attest – it totally does.

What usually takes me a good hour or two is now being condensed into a matter of seconds. All I have to do is select the logo that I wanted to export and voila, it does the exporting job for me.

Not to mention it packages and organizes them neatly into the folders that I need.

What I love more about this graphic design tool is that the founder, Michael, takes in users’ feedback and consistently updates it to make it better with more customization and feature. When the updates are completed and a new version is launched, there is usually a small price to pay to upgrade as an existing user.

Here are some notable features of Logo Express 3.0*:

  • Single-click logo package exports in under 5 minutes
  • Export unlimited logo variations and lockups
  • Automatically generate every color variation of your logo
  • Produce an error-proof and easy-to-use naming convention and folder structure for your logo package
  • Customize everything from file and folder naming to logo scale and padding

If you want to go one step further to create a cloud-based logo portal for your clients, you can add that to your account for $12/month. No more sending files individually and risking them getting lost in a sea of emails!

Pretty neat, huh?

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Logo Package - Illustration Extension

Save More Time, Earn More Money

If you have been wanting to reduce your time spent on mundane tasks, this is one that you don’t want to sleep on! With just a low cost of $119, you can gain back hours in your week! Depending on how many projects you take on each year, you might just be able to take on a couple more.

Not to mention, your clients thank you too for making it so easy for them to find and use their logos.

Grab it now… and thank me later 🙂


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