With its clean lines, neutral tones, and emotive imagery, the Someday template offers a truly immersive and visually engaging experience for photographers and creative business owners.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, our template embraces simplicity while exuding creativity. Its minimalist aesthetic allows your content to take center stage, effortlessly captivating your visitors and leaving a lasting impression. 


Note: This design requires an active Showit subscription to publish

Starting at $295

Included Template Pages

Link-In-Bio Page, yes that's right. Say goodbye to third-party platforms like LinkTree and get a custom branded link-in-bio page to drive direct traffic to your website.

Your Investment*

*Due to the nature of the product and immediate digital file delivery, all sales are non-refundable and final.

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Purchase Someday Template

What Your Showit Website Template Includes

Use of Template's Fonts & Images. No license required!

On-page SEO optimized heading tags & images

Built-in, optimized WordPress blog layout and design

Responsive mobile, tablet, and desktop design

1:1 Email Support from Studio Crescent

One free month of Showit (for new users only)

Showit Training & Resources

Your Website Launch Checklist!

Plus... These Bonuses!

Dive deeper into your brand essence to uncover your "it" factor & stand out in your industry.

Brand Clarity Workbook

Plan your website strategically and build a website that converts strangers into inquiries.

Website Planner Workbook

Launch your Showit website with ease and confidence with our comprehensive checklist!

Website Launch Checklist

It's easy to set and forget it once you purchase something! I know I've been ther.

To ensure you launch your website with ease & confidence (and within Showit's 14 day trial), you get a front row seat to our 7-part email series that'll keep you organized and on track in preparation for your new website launch! Sometimes, it's just nice to have an accountability partner in your pocket.

Accountability At Your Fingertips: A 7 Part Email Bootcamp Series To Get Your Spankin' New Showit Site Up & Running!

Why Showit is the Best Website Platform

Speak to real-live people that *cares* about your site as much as your grandma does. No bots, no long wait times. Just an incredible all-rounded Showit support team ready to help.

All-star Support

Seize the opportunity to increase visibility with Showit's built-in SEO tools, allowing users to apply heading tags, alt-tags, page titles, and descriptions in the way that boosts their site traffic!

Easy SEO Optimization

Design the look and feel of your blog on Showit and then host your blog posts with WordPress - the powerful blogging option you can find. Yep, you can (finally) have your cake and eat it too!

Wordpress Integration

Say a permanent goodbye to plugins and confusing lingo, and hello to the holy grail: An actual drag and drop website builder that you can manage. It's like Canva, on steroids. Double click and you are done!

Complete Creative Freedom

Design a mobile-first website that converts.  Customize your desktop + mobile views with Showit's side-by-side builder so you can optimize your site experience on both screen sizes.

Custom Mobile Design

Design the website of your dreams without any limitations or having to worry how to code to maintain your website. As Cady Heron once said, the (creative freedom) limit does not exist.

No Coding Required

Easily Customizable To Match Your Brand

Same Template, Three Ways

How It Works

Purchase Your Domain & Sign up for Showit

Reserve your domain (website URL) via Google Domains and then sign up for a Showit account with our referral link to get one free month!

Select The Website Template of your choice

Pick a Showit website template from our template shop that matches your vision & aesthetics. Once purchased, you'll instantly receive the template access key + instructions on how to install it into your account.

Prep & Customize Your Content

Start customizing the template with your brand identity and content with Showit's drag-and-drop builder. From colors to logos, fonts to images, just double click and watch your new site transform (like Cinderella!) right in front of you!

Launch Your Showit website with confidence!

Pop the bubbly - it's time for the unveiling! Launch your new website with ease and confidence with our Launch Prep Guide -- then sit back, relax, and watch those inquiries roll through!

Short on time? Take your Showit website template to the next level with our Website In A Week experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What website platform are your templates compatible with?

Our website templates are ONLY designed for the Showit platform! Please ensure you'd like to use Showit as your website platform so that you can install it with ease.

*These templates are not compatible with Squarespace, WordPress, or WIX. Due to the nature of the product, all purchases are non-refundable & final sale.

Is Showit easy to use? How customizable is the template?  

Every thing you see on the demo sites are fully customizable, from font to colors, images to shapes. If you are familiar with Canva or Photoshop, you'll love Showit as it functions similarly with layers and blocks. 

No coding needed at all what so ever. And you have complete 100% control over your website design!

How do I install this template onto my account once it's purchased?

Once checkout is complete, you will receive a unique Template Access Key that you can install into your Showit account with just a couple simple clicks. At the same time, you will also receive access to Brand Clarity Workbook, Website Planner Workbook, as well as our Showit Template Accountability Series! Not to mention 1:1 direct email support. We got you!

Do I need a license for the fonts or images used in your template?

At this time, I've used commercially licensed fonts and free stock images for each website template so that you can launch with ease.If at anytime a paid element is used, it'll be indicated on the template. You can choose to opt-out of using it and upload your own images/fonts instead - so no pressure and worries either way!

Do you offer any customization or design support? 

Totally! Depending on the level of support you're looking for, we have the "Showit Launch Audit" where we will take a look at your site prior to launch to ensure everything is functioning the way it's supposed to. Alternatively, if you are short on time or prefer a designer to take care of the full template customization, my Design Intensives services is perfect for this!

I'm ready for a website glow-up! What do I need to get started?

I am SO thrilled you are ready to start making your website a prime marketing tool! To get started, all you need is your domain and a Showit subscription (get one month free here!). Then purchase the template of your choice and you can begin customizing your content and brand identity as you see fit. 

Your New Website Is One Click Away From Being Yours

*Due to the nature of the product and immediate digital file delivery, all sales are non-refundable and final.

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Purchase Someday Template

Designed By Yours Truly 🤍 

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