You bring so much value to the people you serve, and there’s no doubt you’re incredible at what you do...

But your current design isn’t quite living up to the hype.

It’s time to align your talent with the look & feel of your brand, so you can feel confident you’re making a jaw-dropping first impression.

Between playing CEO, CFO, and COO, that doesn’t really leave you with much time to play Creative Director.

And when you do find the time to dedicate to your brand, you can’t seem to bring your vision to life—no matter how many hours you spend in Canva sifting through all of the pre-set templates, or playing around in the back-end of your website in hopes to find just the right layout.

You know you have something great to offer to your clients but are struggling to get your brand across. You are feeling a major disconnect... dare I say, even a little bit embarrassed? At this point, you’re fed up with the DIY design route. It served a purpose in your business for a period of time, but now you’re ready for something bigger and better—something you don’t have the time or, frankly, the desire to take into your own hands.

You’re finally ready to hand over the reins to a professional: someone who can give your brand the refresh or polish it needs to take you to the next level in your business—whatever that is for you.

Sounds like you? I've got just the thing...


The Designer Access Pass

An experience empowering you to hire a designer to complete your design to-do list in a day, so you can finally get out of the weeds of DIY design, show up confidently, and go back to doing the things you love in your business.


Imagine in just a day, Gaining...

More Revenue

We already know what you offer is valuable. Paired that with professional, elevated design can help you attract qualified leads through that door and skyrocket your services and products. 

More Consistency

Say goodbye to throwing spaghetti on the wall and climb back out of that Canva rabbit hole. Instead, imagine receiving on-brand (and on-fleek) designs that highlights the best of what you offer.

More Momentum

When you are feeling aligned, confident, and energized - people notice. Gain back hours in your weeks so you can focus on doing the things that light you up and get you one step closer to your goals.

Designer Access Pass

Skip the line and propel your business forward with refreshed design in just one day with the Designer All-Access Pass!

Here’s the scoop With Your Pass and Examples On what we can accomplish together in 8 hours...

  • Branded Marketing Collateral: Welcome guides, pitch decks, media kits, investment guides, business cards, digital worksheet templates, client portals etc.
  • Media Kit Design
  • Social Media Content & Graphics
  • Sales Pages Design (Requires 2 days minimum)
  • Blog Setup & Design
  • Blog Post Migration & Updates
  • Showit Mobile Website Design & Optimization
  • Website Audit or Refresh: Updating content, adding sections to a page, portfolio updates etc. (This is NOT for a redesign)

Hire A Designer For The Day To Tackle Your Design To-Do List!

* Please note the Designer Access Pass is time-based, not deliverables- based. Depending on the scope of work requested, an additional half day or full day could be required.

$1,500 USD

$799 half day

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"Don't walk... RUN! She is worth the investment, 100x over!"

I hired Jess for their fabulous VIP Design Day where Jess completely revamped our Investment and Welcome Guide and I swear it was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY! It blows my mind how creative she is; she truly went ABOVE and beyond and gave me the best advice along the way. I feel even more confident in my business now and I am telling you.. it's worth hiring a creative professional to do the things you can't do or don't have time to do because they will take so much weight off your shoulders.

Don't walk... RUN! Hire her today - she's worth the investment, 100x over!

amanda, simplicity events



"Saved me countless hours with her knowledge and expertise"

Working with Jess is one of the best decisions I have made for my business.

Jess helped me with a brand refresh, design services, and website customization. She saved me countless hours with her knowledge and expertise. Jess provided beautiful ideas, thoughtful copy, and helped me to create and streamline new workflows. I plan to continue to use her services whenever possible. She is worth every penny and more!



"So impressed with how much she managed to accomplish"

I booked a design intensive experience with Jess and I was so impressed with how much she managed to accomplish in such a short period of time!

The whole process was seamless and I had very little feedback as she really took the time to understand me, my style and my vision for my company. I have already recommended her to other business owners I know and will continue to do so! I'm looking forward to working together again on my website

Carolyn, ponder design




What's the difference between the designer all-access pass (vip day) and Design intensives?

The Designer All-Access Pass is for business owners who already have an existing brand identity and website that they love. However, what they need is a designer they'd like to hire because they have a growing design to-do list that they have been avoiding! Design tasks could look like getting their lead magnets or slide decks designed on Canva, making updates on their existing website, or elevating additional brand touchpoints such as getting business cards designed or an email marketing workflow.

Design Intensives are for small business owners who are in need of a brand identity and/or website template customized.

How do you get everything done in just one day?

Preparation is key! Prior to Design Day, I'll require all prep work submitted so that I can spend the day doing what I do best. If you have a long to-do list, we will prioritize based on order of importance. The Designer All-Access Pass is valid for 8 hours from 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST on the selected Design Day.

Please note Design Days are time-based, not deliverables-based (after all, I am still very much human! But I know where my strengths lie and will try my very best to get everything done for you). In case there's too much to fit into our allotted time, you can book a separate half-day or full day.

What do I need to have prepared before working with you?

Depending on the task(s) at hand, some of the key things I'll require prior to Design Day would be:

  • Brand Identity Guidelines
  • Social Media Content if designing SM graphics
  • Copywriting (i.e. for lead magnet, email workflows, website updates)
  • Brand Photos, Stock Photos
  • Blog Posts

I may also ask you to complete a project brief questionnaire and additional prep work to get us on the same page.

How many rounds of refinements are Included?

With the Designer All Access Pass, one round of refinement will be included, for a maximum of 2 hours. 

How early should i book a VIP Design Day with you?

Whenever you are ready, I suggest reaching out to see what my availability might be since I only take on limited projects per month. You can begin your application here.

Upon signing a contract, a 50% deposit is required to reserve your date, with the remaining balance due the day before Design Day! I can't wait to work with you! 👀

by the way, i am jess

Event Planner turned Brand + Web Designer

I know what you are thinking... can I actually get that much done in just a few days?

Here's the thing. I have always been the "thrive-under-pressure" kinda gal - that's why I used to be a wedding planner. Literally, need to put out a fire? You know who to call. Combining my skillset as an event planner and designer, I pride myself on being able to work in a high-paced, intensive environment while providing intentional, thoughtful solutions for my clients.

Ready to hand off your to-do list and get back to doing what you love?

Give Me My Access Pass →

(not to mention gain a new sense of confidence and precious time back in your week?)

Designed By Yours Truly 🤍 

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