Community over competition is something I value tremendously. From platforms and books, to courses and resources — here are some of my favourite resources I want to share with you in hopes that they will also help you grow!



the contract shop*






adobe suite


moyo studio*

My trusty client portal -- the platform that houses everything for me in one place, from contracts, invoices, questionnaires, scheduling, and more.

A project management platform that resembles to a giant to-do list that keep us in check with tasks, milestones and due dates.

The one social media planning app I use that keeps me on schedule... and my posts on-brand. Anyone else grid plan like it's an unhealthy obsession?!

My favourite email marketing platform that is intuitive and easy to use. Not to mention, makes sending emails actually fun, and tastefully  stylish!

An easy and secure way to share passwords for my projects without having to ask my clients to change them password everytime!

Contracts for creatives, written by professional lawyers. Protection is a peace of mind that I can't afford to say no to as a small business owner.

My favourite web design platform that gives me ultimate design freedom with Wordpress blogging capabilities. Perfect for bloggers and service-based creatives!

A seamless video messaging solution to screen record to present my work! It also serves as a great way to host on-demand tutorials for each of my clients.

The tool I use with my clients to give them "sneak peek" of their website-in-action, while allowing them to give me real-time feedback.

I couldn't live without Adobe, especially Illustrator, InDesign, XD, and Photoshop, where I get to design the most beautiful brands and collaterals for clients like you!

Spelling is sexy. That's why I am forever grateful to this intuitive tool that's always there to proofread my copy! A must-have for anyone, business owner or not!

My go-to place to shop beautiful imagery and mockups to bring  beautiful designs to life. Visualization is key when working with a designer.

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