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A collaboration between studio crescent x Amarah Creative PRoductions

It’s time to step into that main character energy of your brand.

When it comes to building a successful brand identity that’s memorable and unique, it goes beyond just a logo, pretty photos, or the services you offer.

It’s about style, energy, and synergy.

Your brand persona is what makes you stand out in this digital age. It sets the stage for your audience to experience a glimpse of who you are and the transformation you can give to them.

Through intentional brand design and brand photography, we are here to help you amplify YOU (and your brand) through visual storytelling so you can show up authentically and grow your business with ease.

No more playing small.

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After working with a combined 80+ clients across multiple industries over the last couple of years, we saw a common thread…

  • They are uncertain what their brand persona is or how people are perceiving them
  • They lack cohesiveness in their visuals, which negatively impacts their overall profitability, visibility, and impact
  • They lack the confidence, direction, and/or time to show up and stay consistent – whether that be online or offline

That’s where we come in.

Let’s get straight to it – we’ve been where you are. 

Building a brand is more than just following a recipe and hoping it comes out the way you envisioned. Really, it’s more of an art form with a dash of science, a sprinkle of psychology, and a drizzle of that je-ne-sais-quoi.

Combining both of our expertises in branding, we are here to magnify your online presence and amplify your best self.

Rather than spend your free time:

All while trying to connect the dots in between to make sure it’s all cohesive… AND run a profitable business, have a social life outside of work….

Scrolling endlessly on Instagram and wishing your brand looks like theirs

Spending hours sifting through stock photos that fit your aesthetic

Changing up your brand color palette like underwear (#sorrynotsorry for the visuals)

Designing your logo in Canva to look like everyone else (not to mention, it's not even your IP!)

Vetting the right designer or photographer for your business that work well together

Watching “how-to Photoshop” on YouTube when you could be spending quality time with your family

Buying one too many un-used photo presets off Etsy and.... never using them

Imagine This

Feeling confident to raise your prices, scale forward, and dare we say take time off

Turning window shoppers into raving fans, meaning.. an increase in sales and customer retention/loyalty!

Showing off a brand spankin’ new brand identity that *actually* attracts and resonates with “hell-yes” clients

Gaining hours back of your free time (and sanity) to focus on doing what you love

Having one heck of a time collaborating with people that just gets you

Saving hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars from piecemealing different aspects of your brand

Investing in visuals that’s not only cohesive in design and photography, but also connect with your audience and have a recognizable look and feel

Having elevated, quality, on-brand photography that sells itself (not to mention, endless content creation ideas!)

Introducing: Your Evolving Brand

We understand the value of time when it comes to running your small business (well, let’s be honest, there’s never enough time), so rather than have you wait to spend months working together, and risk losing momentum (and opportunities!), we are bumping you to the front of the line.

When you are booking the "Your Evolving Brand" experience, you get the best of what we offer in an Intensive experience. In under three weeks, you will receive:

Brand Identity Design

  • Strategic Creative Direction & Inspo Board
  • Brand Identity Refresh with four (4) logo variations and one round of refinement
  • Mini Brand Style Guide
  • Instagram Grid Styling and Website Imagery Guidance

Brand Photography

  • Art Direction & Venue Scouting/Recommendations
  • Brand Shoot Guide, including: Shot List. Props List, Outfit Guides & Styling Suggestions
  • 2 Hr Brand Photoshoot with up to 3 Outfits
  • Access to in-house stylist, hair and makeup artist
  • Full Gallery of Edited 40 images

Your Investment: $5,000* (2 Payments of $2,500)

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Timeline: 3 weeKs

Working with Jess is one of the best decisions I have made for my business. She saved me countless hours with her knowledge and expertise.  She is worth every penny and more!

Cassandra, Family Photographer

Sarah was an incredible photographer to work with. Her positive energy radiates and is contagious. The pictures that she took turned out amazing and overall I could not be happier with my experience working with her!

Shaunna, Real estate Agent

If you're looking to capture your authentic essence and attract a niche audience, everything Jess does is tailored exactly for that. She has inspired me to look at design differently, and my new brand is creating so much joy. I feel like I'm home!

Leanne, Personal Brand & Linkedin Trainer

What Sarah did on my branding photoshoot was a magic! She is very professional but also very fun and creative as she navigates the photoshoot! You will love her skills and her lovely personality, so just hire her for photoshoot and you won’t regret it like 120%!!

Miki, calligrapher and watercolour artist

If you want to elevate your brand, book with Studio Crescent. She will come up with a brand concept that will take your business to the next level. Her goal was to make this an experience, and she did just that! The results were 100% worth the investment!

Deanne, INterior Stylist

Working with Sarah was a dream! Her mood board and location proposals really set a vision for the photoshoot helped us to visualize and determine what look we wanted to achieve. We got the final result and they were absolutely stunning!

Mint Events, Events & Wedding PLanners

Let's Chat Details

“Collaboration” is more than just a buzzword for us.

Unlike other instances where freelancers work in silos and only communicate in between phases of the project, we like to do things differently. 

We truly believe the success of a brand comes from being invested at every phase of the process, meaning our processes and strategies have been strategically developed to be intertwined.

LEt's work together →

Week 0: Inquiry, Onboarding + Strategic Direction

Let’s meet and dream together! Submit your inquiry to book a time to chat. On this call, we will go over a bit more about your business goals, needs, and visions. Then we will send a proposal and agreement for you to review as well as a retainer. 

Once the paperwork is signed, sealed, and delivered, it’s time to schedule a kick-off call. Rather than have you fill out a long questionnaire, we want to hear from you and get to the heart of your brand. Combining both of our specialities, we will be gathering key information we want your brand to emulate both from a design perspective as well as a photography perspective.

Week 0
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Week 1: Brand Identity Design Intensive

With a clear visual direction ahead, it’s time to start designing. Jess will block off a full day at the beginning of Week 1 to bring your new brand identity to life. Your feedback will be requested within 24-36 hours so that we are able to make any refinements to perfect your new look in preparation for your photoshoot.

Week 0
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Week 2: Two-Hour Brand Photoshoot

Taking inspiration from the approved brand identity, you will then meet with Sarah at your designated spot to capture your brand’s story and essence IRL looking your very damn best. No awkward poses here -- We promise to make the experience fun and effortless! You'll also have access to our stylist and/or hair + makeup artist if needed! 

Week 0

Week 1

Week 2
Week 3
Week 0

Week 3: Delivery & Champagne Launch 

We did it – it’s time to celebrate!

Your files and images will be delivered to your inbox along with a how-to brand playbook to use them effectively. We will also hop on a wrap-up call to chat launch strategy and answer any questions you might have!

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3

Are We The Right Fit?

A collaboration goes two way (or well, in this case, three). While we would love to work with everyone, we have been in the game long enough to know that fit is everything when it comes to a successful project. We want you have a high return on your investment, which is why we do believe fit is just as important as the final results provided. 

This is for you if...

You are ambitious and passionate – driven by big goals, purpose, and helping people.

You can clearly articulate what you do, Why you do it, and who you serve

You understand the value in having a strong, professional brand and online presence

You are tired of duct-taping the visuals of your brand and marketing plan together and are looking to elevate your #brandgame

You trust the Process & The people you hire! You respect their expertise as well as honour their boundaries.

You want to run your business and not have it run you (don’t we all!!!)

This is probably not for you if...

You aren't passionate about what you do and are driven by money (ain't no problem with that!)

You don't have a clear direction of your brand and are in need of in depth strategy

You don’t really see the value and investment in branding and are happy with how things are

OUr design and Photography style don't match what you are looking for and aren't in line with your business vision and aspiration


You prefer longer project timelines so you are able to meet deadlines more effectively

Let' s Do this →

If this year is the year you are finally ready for:

More Confidence

Embody your inner CEO, show up confidently, and be the face of your brand (yes, we're talking to you too - introverts!)

More Time

Ditch the DIY and gain more time a new sense of alignment and purpose in your business

More Consistency

Develop a coherent, reputable, and brag-worthy brand image within your city and industry

More Sales

Consistently and effortlessly attract "hell yes" clients and generate sales, impact, and results

If you've had experiences where you haven't been directed during a shoot, pick Sarah. If you have a vision in mind and want to see it come to life, use Sarah and if you want excellent communication leading up to and after your event, definitely use Sarah at Amy Jules Photography!

The Cosmetic Clinic

I wish I could give 100 more stars. The branding and website building process re-inspired me as a business owner and clinician. Jess is so organized and thoughtful. I was emotional seeing what she put together at each step of the design process. 

PRiscilla, Psychotherapist

Amy is beyond talented and so professional. She made the entire process seamless from start to finish. She took care of the location, makeup artist, videographer and had tons of great ideas for the concept. As a busy entrepreneur, I greatly appreciated not having to look for and book the other services. She has completely elevated our brand's photos and branding. .

michelle, luxe blooms

Jess was amazing throughout the whole design process.  From my initial inquiry, she showed genuine excitement for my vision and was so clear with her design process. Her designs were spot on. She has a wonderful gift of understanding your business in the blink of an eye!

Natalie, music Educator

Based in Ottawa, Available worldwide

Your Brand Collaborators

Meet Your Photographer: Sarah from Amarah Creative Productions

With a pristine, bright and a touch of editorial photography style, Sarah is an Ottawa brand photographer empowering small business owners to show up confidently by embodying their brand through intentionally curated visuals.

More about Sarah →

Meet Your Brand & Web Designer: Jess from Studio Crescent

With a sophisticated yet approachable design aesthetic, Jess is an Ottawa brand and web designer helping women business owners embrace more of themselves through the power of branding. Let's curate a stand-out brand that feels like home!

More about Jess →

Get Brand ready With us →

Meet Sarah, Founder of Amarah Creative Productions & Saje Studios

Hi, I'm Sarah! With almost a decade of devotion and expertise in photography, I find myself mastering my craft and documenting stately and gleaming photographs for my clients. For the past few years, I have been honored to work with various businesses such as Moissy Fine jewelry, which led to having some of my photos published in the Westboro Village newspaper for capturing the highlights of Moissy Fine Jewellery’s grand opening. I've also been published in Black Bride 1998, With Love Bridal & Bridal Musings.

My photography approach is pristine, bright with a touch of editorial. My polished sense of aesthetics and my willingness to reveal the beauty of a moment makes the photographs timeless. What I thrive for is creating footprints in the lives of those I encountered and make sure that by the end of the session they have gained even more confidence than when we just had started the session. I can't wait to work with you!

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Meet Jess, Founder of Studio Crescent

Hi, Jess here, an event + wedding planner turned brand and web designer!

My journey into brand and web design didn't happen accidentally, but rather, it was a long-winded journey home. I started this business because of the people: Helping them bring their magic to light, instilling confidence and clarity so they can fulfill their dreams, and creating a life of impact that has a ripple effect for generations to come. A reason why I donate a percentage of my earnings to Kurandza, a non-profit investing in the future of women and supporting girls' education.

My work has been described as laid-back luxury - but with personality! I believe that we don't have to avoid colors in order to create sophisticated, high-end brands. Instead, layering in different textures, styles, and aesthetics to achieve the same look and feel. After all, life is too short to just be living in shades! 

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Get Brand ready With us

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we hire you instead of two separate freelancers?

Time is money! Instead of spending time vetting contractors and playing middle man, we partnered up to offer what we do best in a streamlined experience. Not to mention, a successful brand oozes consistency! We know both of our style is cohesive to one another and can help your business get to the next level.

How far advanced should I book my project?

We suggest booking as early as possible if you are curious working with us! Client experience and quality are two factors we value, which means we only take on two "Your Evolving Brand" experience per month to ensure we give the attention each brand needs.

Are we risking quality for time through an Intensive experience?

Absolutely not. Quality is what we strive for with every client we work with. With our combined expertise and speciality, we find that we are able to be more immersed in our clients' business by collaborating together and can offer a more cohesive direction!

What if I'm not from Ottawa? Do you travel?

Heck yes we do! Our services are not limited to just Ottawa and we work with clients from all over Ontario and Canada. If you are interested in working with us, send us a message with more details as we would love to accommodate and work with you. 

What if I already have a vision in mind and just need a logo designed?

With the "Your Evolving Brand" Experience, what we pride ourselves on is to look at a brand holistically and not just in one aspect. We unfortunately don't offer "just a logo" services because we truly believe that doesn't truly help a business grow.

I am not the best at styling myself or doing my hair + makeup. Help!

We treat every brand photoshoot like the red carpet so we want you to be feeling like yourself! You'll have access to our in-house stylist, hair, and makeup artist on set if required. Just let us know beforehand and your glam squad will be there - waiting for you!

Help! I need a location for my shoot! What do I do?

If you need any recommendations, Sarah is more than happy to offer her input and advice based on your photoshoot goals. If a studio is required, please note rental fee is on the client and not included as part of the project scope.

How many rounds of refinements are included?

With the Brand Design Intensive, one (1) round of refinement is included with "The Evolving Brand" Experience to perfect the presented elements. Since we are doing creative and art direction prior to Design Day, you can bet we are designing with intention and strategy in mind!

Do I get to choose the final photos for my gallery?

100% yes. After your photoshoot, you'll receive access to your online gallery where you'll be able to choose your top 40 favourite images. From there, Sarah will lightly retouch and edit them to match the aesthetic of your brand.

What's the investment? Are there payment plans available?

The investment for the "Your Evolving Brand" Experience starts at $5,000 + HST, which includes your Brand Identity and Brand Photoshoot with access to a stylist, hair and makeup artist. 50% deposit is required upon signature of the contract and 50% will be due upon receipt of your files.

What do you look for in a client or great working partnership?

We love working with passionate, impact-driven, service-based businesses who are the face of their brand. Not only do they trust what we do but they also love to collaborate. Industries include (and not limited to): Interior Design, Coaching, Lifestyle, Health/Wellness, and more.

What if I need more photos or even a new website designed?

We love seeing small business owners maximize their brand potential! Should you wish to upgrade your experience, Sarah offers quarterly or bi-annually branding sessions (great for content creation + stock imagery!) while Jess offers copywriting and Showit website design. Reach out directly to learn more!

Ready To Create A Lasting Impression and Give Your Brand A Debut?

Limited spots available each quarter! To secure a spot on our calendar, start your inquiry below.

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