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Create your Dream website & *actually* Have fun doing it With our CUstomizable Showit Website Templates

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Introducing our conversion-driven Showit Website Templates -- Designed to help wedding professionals, online business owners, and creative small businesses, increase visibility, elevate their brand, and scale their business.

It's time to take your website off the back burner, regain creative control, and have a website that you are obsessed with.

Picture you: sipping on a vanilla oat milk latte, working on your laptop, and effortlessly customizing your brand-new website without a worry in the world.

*Click, save, close laptop*

No more tech headaches, DIY overwhelm or late-night Google searches of "DNS", "SSL", or "SERP". No more feeling embarrassed about your outdated website. And definitely no more second guessing your potential when giving your website out to potential clients.  

Just peace of mind, confidence, and time back. Lots and lots of time back.

Easy to use & maintain

Strategically Designed

Drag & Drop Builder

Beauty & function


Room To GRow (With You!)


Modern, Edgy, Minimal


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Artistic, Striking, Refined

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Posey Vera

Whimsical, Boho, Romantic

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Why Showit?

Speak to real-live people that *cares* about your site as much as your grandma does. No bots, no long wait times. Just an incredible all-rounded Showit support team ready to help.

All-star Support

Seize the opportunity to increase visibility with Showit's built-in SEO tools, allowing users to apply heading tags, alt-tags, page titles, and descriptions in the way that boosts their site traffic!

Easy SEO Optimization

Design the look and feel of your blog on Showit and then host your blog posts with WordPress - the powerful blogging option you can find. Yep, you can (finally) have your cake and eat it too!

Wordpress Integration

Say a permanent goodbye to plugins and confusing lingo, and hello to the holy grail: An actual drag and drop website builder that you can manage. It's like Canva, on steroids. Double click and you are done!

Complete Creative Freedom

Design a mobile-first website that converts.  Customize your desktop + mobile views with Showit's side-by-side builder so you can optimize your site experience on both screen sizes.

Custom Mobile Design

Design the website of your dreams without any limitations or having to worry how to code to maintain your website. As Cady Heron once said, the (creative freedom) limit does not exist.

No Coding Required

Help you stand out & increase your revenue

A great website will not only help you stand out from the rest of the pack but help you convert more visitors into inquiries eager to work with you.

Give you back hours, if not weeks, of precious time back

While you are a DIY queen, it's a lot of time spent learning, experimenting, and creating the vision in your head. Take back hours of free time with a template that's already pre-designed for you.

Empower you to take back the driver's seat

The sooner you are proud to show off your website, the more your business can grow. Take back the driver's seat of your business, feel confident AF, and start crossing off those lofty goals!

More than just a pretty look, these templates were created to...

Is A Showit Website Template Right For You?

You want to know the end result of what your website could look like

DIY is easier when you know what the end result could look like. With our plug-n-play website templates, we give creative control back to YOU! No more second guessing what looks good or where to put what. You take care of the content, we took care of the design.

You are looking for a designer-worthy website without the custom pricetag

Custom design can be expensive and might not be the right option, especially when you are in your first 1-2 years of business - but that doesn't mean your website shouldn't have all the bells & whistles it deserves. Affordability + Design = You can have the cake & eat it too!

You were ready to launch, like yesterday, and don't want to wait months for a new website

You know what they say - time is money! Every day spent without a strategically optimized website is yet another day you might be losing out on opportunities. Instead of waiting for months on end, launch your new digital home in a matter of weeks - or even days!

This sounds like me!

How It Works

Purchase Your Domain & Sign up for Showit

Reserve your domain (website URL) via Google Domains and then sign up for a Showit account with our referral link to get one free month!

Select The Website Template of your choice

Pick a Showit website template from our template shop that matches your vision & aesthetics. Once purchased, you'll instantly receive the template access key + instructions on how to install it into your account.

Prep & Customize Your Content

Start customizing the template with your brand identity and content with Showit's drag-and-drop builder. From colors to logos, fonts to images, just double click and watch your new site transform (like Cinderella!) right in front of you!

Launch Your Showit website with confidence!

Pop the bubbly - it's time for the unveiling! Launch your new website with ease and confidence with our Launch Prep Guide -- then sit back, relax, and watch those inquiries roll through!

Hover to customize!

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Modern, Edgy, Minimal

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Artistic, Striking, Refined

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Posey Vera

Whimsical, Boho, Earthy.

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Take Showit for a spin

We are all about transparency here! Try Showit for free with our Muse Beauty one-page template and see how you like it! Download your template below to get your access key, and then sign up for a Showit account (free with a 14-day trial) to install it. It's easy as 1-2-Launch!

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