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Is the Design Intensive Experience the right option for you and your business? Find out in this post the difference between an Intensive and a Custom Design project!

What Is A Design Intensive?

A Design Intensive (more popularly known as “VIP Design Day”) is essentially a condensed, “intensive” experience that allows me to design a brand or website for you. It usually includes a bit of prep work, research, a full day of work, and an allotted period of time for refinements.

Who is it best suited for?

  • New business owners (or self-starters!) who want a professional brand identity (or website), and aren’t necessarily looking for anything strategy-focused at this time as they are navigating through this “discovery phase”
  • Business owners who have an endless “design to-do list” that they are looking to outsource in their business!
  • Established business owners who are looking to give their online presence a mini refresh. They don’t need much strategy work since everything is running like an oiled machine!

What can we get done together in a day (or a week?)

  • Mini Brand Identity
  • Marketing Collateral (lead magnet, social media templates, welcome guides)
  • Website Refreshes
  • Sales Page Design
  • Showit Website Template Customization
  • Website Audit

Investment & Timeline

For Design Intensives, the timeline could be one day or a week, depending on the scope of work requested! It’s important to note that intensive projects are usually time-based, not deliverable-based, since you are hiring me for an uninterrupted period of time. We will tackle your design “wishlist” in priority of importance. After all, I am only human!

Investment, on average, ranges from $1,700-$3000.

What Is A Custom Design Project?

A custom brand and/or web design project focuses on strategy first. As it is a longer process, the experience is more personalized and tailor-made for you and the challenges you are facing.

Some examples of problems that a brand strategist and/or web designer can solve:

  • Your business is not attracting the right type of clients
  • You don’t know how to communicate your value
  • You aren’t exactly sure how to scale your business
  • Your website isn’t bringing in any leads
  • Your business lacks consistency or professionalism

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Who’s it best suited for?

  • Business owners who have been in business for 2+ years and are looking to elevate their online presence that embodies who they are and communicate their value to their ideal audience
  • Small business owners who are seeking clarity and confidence in their business; struggle to attract their ideal client and are unsure as to how to position themselves differently
  • Businesses who are ready to scale to the next level in their business – whether that be increasing their pricing, pivoting into a new market, or introducing a new service!

Investment & Timeline

For Custom Design Projects, the timeline varies from 6 weeks to 16 weeks, depending on the scope of work. As mentioned, since custom design projects are more intentional, there is more collaboration between us. Extensive strategy and research go into each phase, along with roadmaps and further documents to guide you to success.

Investment, on average, ranges from $4,000 – $15,000.

Working with a professional designer can do more than make things look pretty. While visuals do play an important role, a good designer will take into consideration all of the different aspects to provide a holistic, strategic solution for you!

Wondering which experience may be a better fit for you? Don’t sweat it! I offer complimentary discovery calls to figure out just that, where we chat about everything from your business goals and vision to some of your day-to-day painpoints.

My goal, at the end of the day, is to be able to help YOU move the needle in your business — taking your from where you are to where you want to be.


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