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I am Jess! Ottawa brand strategist and website designer helping passionate service-based businesses grow with confidence. I usually have a PSL in one hand, scrunchie in another, and will probably use one too many exclamation mark in my emails. You have been forewarned! If you ever want to chat any thing biz, branding, or well - life I am your gal! 


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When I first launched Studio Crescent, I knew I wanted it to be bigger than me. As I was fortunate to have my 9-5 at the time, I was able to build a give-back component into my business model early on. I knew without a doubt I wanted to support girls’ education and empower the […]

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Studio Crescent: The Meaning Behind The Business Name

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Ever wondered how to create a mood board that actually evokes emotions? You have probably seen them around Instagram or Pinterest. But what exactly is it, how do you curate one, and how does it serve a purpose when building your brand? A mood board (also known as an inspiration board or direction board) is […]


How to Create a Strategic Mood Board for Your Business


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