How To Invest In Yourself As A Business Owner


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No matter if you’ve been running your own business for a few years, or if you’re finally making the transition from a 9-5, running any business has its challenges. Just running it is half the battle, but figuring out how and where to invest in yourself as a business owner is a whole other deal. You may be flooded with questions, wondering:

  • What’s worth the price? 
  • Should I learn this skill on my own? 
  • How do I know what to invest in first?

It can become overwhelming to know which choices are best for you in terms of investments and outsourcing to help get your business off the ground, so you can give it its best chance at success.

So, we’ve written a guide to help get you started!

Knowing what your current challenges are with your business and knowing your values are the first steps in figuring out the next best investment for you and your business. Keep these in mind as you go through the list of services and options we’ve put together below to find the best option that works for you to elevate your business to the next level! 

A Guide To Investing In Yourself As A Business Owner

Business Coaching

Working with a business coach is an excellent place to start building the foundations of who you are as a business owner, where you need to focus your energy, and how to scale your business on your own terms. If you feel overwhelmed by the idea of figuring out what’s best for your business all on your own, a business coach can be a great mentor to step in and guide you along the way. 

Working with a business coach is best for business owners who are looking for help with: 

  • Creating offer suites, packages, and business backend streamlining
  • Reframing and developing a healthy mindset
  • Accountability, staying consistent, and showing up for yourself 
  • Figuring out what your “next steps” that are efficient for your business 
  • Building a sustainable framework that empowers you to live out your version of success

I worked with Tracey Jazmin last year and she helped me cultivate a new way of thinking and self-trust in my business that I am forever grateful for.

Remember, a great business coach should not tell you what to do or ask you to follow “their” formula, but instead, guide you and pus you outside your comfort zone to think for yourself.

Brand Strategy

Investing in establishing your brand strategy through working with a brand designer is a surefire way of ensuring your brand will stand out in your industry and attract the kind of clients you’ve always desired. Taking the time to get clear on your vision and what differentiates you from your competitors in your industry is another essential part of creating a strong foundation for your business. 

Hiring a brand designer/strategist is the next best move for you if you’re looking: 

  • To stand out in your industry 
  • For a detailed business roadmap that not only aligns with your business goals + values – which can help guide decision-making within the business itself (ie. marketing, hiring, culture, etc.)
  • To communicate your positioning in the market, articulate your brand messaging, and speaks directly to your ideal audience with conviction & clarity

Brand Identity Design

Brand identity design is communicating your brand’s values and personality through visual identity that leaves a lasting impression. This is where we express the heart of your business through logo design, color palette, font suite, and collateral design.

Brand design can excellent avenue to invest in if you’re looking to: 

  • Communicate what you do visually to attract like-minded people as it helps improve the perception clients have of your business
  • Develop cohesive and consistent branding that accurately reflects your brand’s values and message throughout every brand touchpoint – online & offline
  • Differentiate your business from the competition and build brand awareness with your audience
  • Build customer loyalty and trust in a brand

Website Copywriting

The way you speak to your audience/clientele matters! Whether you notice it or not, as a consumer, the way you’re spoken to by a brand dictates whether you resonate with them, or if you feel they aren’t speaking to you.

Connecting directly with the audience and clientele you’ve always desired is directly linked back to the tone and messaging in your copywriting for your website in even the smallest ways. Though it can often be skipped over, the tone and messaging can differentiate you from your competitors by allowing the words to embody your brand authenticity and heart. 

Investing in a copywriter or messaging strategist may be the right next move for you if you: 

  • Already have your brand strategy and visual identity down! All you need now is the voice to match the look. 
  • Need help uncovering the messaging that will set you apart and sell your services (instead of sounding generic)
  • Want to infuse YOURSELF into the copy of their brand while remaining strategic, sales-driven, and on brand. 
  • Want to create content with the intent of persuading readers and audiences to take action and buy your product/hire your services. 
  • Need clear, concise messaging to your audience of who you are as a business owner, and who your desired clients are. 

Here are some of my favorite website copywriters I know and trust:

Brand Photography

Another huge component of what makes your business stand out is professional brand photography! Remember that saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, when building a successful and memorable brand, that saying could not ring more true. Not only does brand photography speak to your audience “I’m taking this seriously,” it also speaks directly to them!

When your brand photography say to the authenticity of who you are, what your brand is, and who your audience are, your audience knows everything they need to know to trust you as a business owner, and envision themselves as your clients. 

Brand photography might be your next best investment for your business if you: 

  • Want to communicate who you are as a business owner (ie. showcase personality), beyond the stale headshot
  • Desire unique, on-brand photos that represents the heart of what you do and to create a sense of trust (in lieu of stock photos, which can only take you so far!)
  • Are looking to maintain a consistent brand image and narrative through every touchpoint of your brand

Website Design

With your website, you as a business owner are ultimately inviting your clientele into an extension of your business. Think of it as your digital home – when inviting someone into that space, it should feel like a space that is both welcoming and cohesive with who you are, and what your brand is all about. For something as important as your digital home, the expertise of a website designer can be imperative in capturing the essence of your business, and making it feel welcoming to your clients. 

It’s time for you to hire a professional website designer and invest in your website if you:

  • Are looking for a fresh, cohesive, and professional look for your digital home that leaves a good impression on potential clients
  • Need an immersive digital experience that are user-friendly, beautiful, and functional
  • Want to use your website as a strong marketing strategy to convert site visitors into business inquiries
  • Have a desire to improve your search engine optimization

👉🏼 If hiring someone to take that task off your plate isn’t totally feasible at the moment, website templates are your next best way to go! Check out these 100% customizable, no code, Showit website templates created with conversion in mind! A perfect, affordable designer-worthy website for the more hands-on or DIY business owner.

Social Media & Marketing

As a business owner, do not underestimate the power and necessity of social media! In this day and age, social media matters more than ever before. Think of it as both your portfolio and the most direct way of connecting with your audience. Though it’s important to note that with the implications of algorithms, posting for the sake of posting without any direction or strategy can lead to stagnancy in your growth on any platform. 

This is where investing in social media marketing or a marketing strategist can guide you in growing and connecting with your target audience, creating a community, and creating a cohesive, aesthetically pleasing feed that performs in tandem with the algorithms. 

Investing in a social media manager or marketing strategist is your next best step if you: 

  • Need help with visibility online to reach your target audience
  • Need content strategy and content creation to help communicate your expertise in your industry 
  • Want to nurture your audience, which can then drive traffic to the website to convert
  • Are currently posting on socials, but aren’t gaining any traction
  • Are neglecting your presence on socials to promote your business (because let’s face it, coming up with content ideas and executing them is another job in and of itself!) 

Creating a sustainable business that is authentic to you is way more than just throwing spaghetti at a wall and seeing what sticks; it’s about choosing what feels best for you and your business at that moment with intention and believing your investment in service will come back to you twofold! 

👉🏼 Focus on one thing at a time, and go with the option that best fits your business needs, and what aligns with your values most. 

If you need a little more support in getting to the bottom of what investments are best for you, here are some reflection journal prompts to get you thinking:

  • What are your biggest values as a business owner? List out 10 that you feel represent you and your beliefs best. (ex. Creative control, creating a work-life balance, etc.) 
  • Where are you currently in terms of your business? I.e. Are you a busy full-time business owner and mom? Are you just starting your journey in entrepreneurial business? 
  • What are your current skill sets as a business owner? Are there any gaps in your skillset or places you know naturally aren’t your forte? 
  • When it comes to any gaps in your current skill set, what do you value most?
    •  filling that gap yourself (ex. through courses) OR 
    • finding someone experienced to support you through the process? 
  • What are your biggest goals for where you want to be in your business? What do you feel capable of doing on your own to get to this place, vs. where you feel you need support and guidance? 

Remember that the option you choose to be the next best investment for you and your business is just one step in creating the business you’ve always imagined, and no step is too small!


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