Katrice Justice: Empowerment Through Financial Literacy


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Happy International Women’s Day and welcome to our Women’s History Month series! Today’s empowerment blog post features Katrice Justice, a content creator empowering women and young Canadians through financial literacy.

Between International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, this time of the year is meant as an opportunity to feel empowered by each other as women, along with the women who came before us.

Although the traditional messaging behind empowerment for women to be strong and hardworking women is incredibly powerful, empowerment comes in different shapes, forms, and sizes, Through these spotlight profiles, we hope to showcase how empowerment can come in untraditional ways but equally as impactful.

Each woman highlighted this month has inspired and empowered me in their own way, and by spotlighting them, I hope their passion and empowerment that is infused into their businesses can reach even further! 

Our first spotlight of the month features Katrice Justice, a financial educator and content creator

Words To Describe Katrice Bent


From home ownership to entrepreneurship, content creation to investing, Katrice is a powerhouse and women to watch. Aside from being a woman in tech at her 9-5 career, she also prioritizes time for creating educational video content, hosting international students, as well as offering consultation and speaking engagement services on top of it all. Katrice empowers others through her impressive work ethic alone. 


Passionate about educating and creating content, Katrice leverages the power of social media to empower young Canadians to become more financially confident and secure. From her YouTube channel to Instagram and TikTok, Katrice bring a fresh, relatable perspective to finances for Millennials and Gen-Zs to help them get started on their journey to financial well-being. 


Through learning about finance and educating others on her own time, Katrice was able to become a homeowner at 22 by investing in a home fit for multi-generational living. Katrice has also broken cycles by educating her family and siblings on financial literacy, setting her family up with financial security and confidence and ultimately changing her family for the better.

Katrice’s Journey and Milestones

2020 is the year of change and new beginnings. Much like others, Katrice stumbled upon content on TikTok that explored all things personal finance, which sparked her passion and interest in wanting to educating and empowering others through financial literacy too. 

Her new-found knowledge and interest in personal finance led to her and her mom having conversations about homeownership as the needs in her family in terms of housing began to change (ie. her mom retiring, and her grandmother struggling with mobility in her home at the time.)

These conversations with her family led to Katrice, her mom, and her grandmother pooling together their finances and finding a unique and financially wise choice for housing that fit all their needs – leading to Katrice becoming a homeowner at 22! 

From there she became passionate about fostering empowerment through financial literacy in her fellow Canadians so they too could make informed and confident decisions surrounding finance. Without any expectations, she started to share her knowledge with others on social media to empower others, but along the way, created a successful venture in entrepreneurship!  

Ultimately, Katrice’s journey is possible because of her hard work ethic, dreaming big, and following her passions and interests, even if they were unexpected at first!

How Katrice Empowers Through Financial Literacy

As a multi-faceted young WOC and entrepreneur, the ways Katrice empowers others are endless. From her work ethic to taking up space on social media in a male-dominated industry, Katrice is a force to be reckoned with! 

Here at Studio Crescent, we admire Katrice’s dedication to empowering others through financial literacy, especially the young women who have been sold the message that finance is “too hard” or “not meant for women” to understand. 

→ Financial Literacy Guides and Workbooks 

Katrice’s guides and workbooks allow for an independent yet educational approach to becoming financially literate and planning your future! 

→ Financial Workbooks for Children 

Money Magic Journal and The Value of a Dollar are financial workbooks for children (yes, you read that right), to start empowering children through financial literacy at a young age! Katrice made these workbooks because she believes that it is never too early to start empowering by building confidence and security in the younger generation! 

→ End of Life Financial Planning 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Katrice has various resources that help families deal with the financial realities of end-of-life planning. Katrice knows that these situations are often avoided until necessary, so she made a workbook to support families and individuals to navigate end-of-life planning in advance and make hard times a little easier. 

Government Grants and Pitch Competitions 

This one is for the business owners! Katrice frequently leverages government grants and pitch competitions to fund and reinvest back into her business. These are resources that often, business owners don’t think of or don’t know about. Katrice’s resourcefulness and willingness to invest in her own business is empowering in and of itself, but also sets a great example for other business owners to do the same! 

Our Takeaway

Katrice’s journey and current mission empowers others not only through teaching financial literacy, but by setting an example of what is possible when you follow your passions and interests, even if they only start out as videos you enjoy watching on YouTube or TikTok!

No idea or passion is too small. Magic happens when you let go of expectations and show up authentically! 

I could not be more grateful to have collaborated with her in bringing her brand identity to life through The Evolving Brand Experience in collaboration wth Amarah Creative Productions (previously Amy Jules Photography). I am so excited to see how Katrice continues to evolve and empower others in her community. 

Katrice Justice’s Rebranding Journey with Studio Crescent & Amarah Productions

If you’d like to stay up to date with Katrice, be sure to follow her on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and check out her website for more resources!


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