7 Telltale Signs It Might Be Time For A Rebrand


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Is it time for a rebrand? Hopefully, you will find out by the end of this post!

Just like the wardrobe in your closet, your brand should get a refresh every couple of years to stay current and on point.

And I mean beyond the visuals, my friend.

This means doing a 360 of your brand to ensure your visuals, messaging, vision, and goals are all aligned to take you to the next level. By doing this, it can result in:

  • Raising your prices & taking on the premium clients YOU want
  • Working fewer hours in the week yet bringing in more revenue
  • Feeling more confident and empowered than ever to show up in your biz
  • Handing in that resignation letter at your 9-5 and finally sayin’ hasta la vista!

Sound like something you are looking for?

Here are 7 telltale signs it’s time to consider a rebrand in your business!

You lack clarity and focus in your business

You started your business with guns blazing and then the momentum died down. You are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and lost in a sea of competition. You aren’t exactly sure what step to take next in your business or how to overcome the lack of clarity.

A strong, clear brand strategy can help ground you and guide you through the various phrases in your business so that you can run your business with clarity and confidence. No more second-guessing your value or what your audience wants from you!

You have a logo, not a brand

We are all guilty of this… asking a friend or family to design us our first logo, or even purchasing something off Etsy or Fiverr.

It served you well… during the start-up phase. But a logo isn’t a brand. It’s just one piece of the pie and a very small piece at that. It’s time to elevate the look and feel of your business with a brand that is meaningful, strategic, and personalized to you and your goals.

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You aren’t attracting the right people

Despite a consistent posting schedule on Instagram, the ones you are wanting to work with are saying no… and the ones that are saying yes are the bargain shoppers and red-flag clients. You are feeling exhausted, mentally drained, and desperate for a change.

A rebrand can help with that because there might be more underlying issues than what meets the eye if you are attracting the wrong kind of people!

You have outgrown your brand

As your business evolves, things change, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. IF you are feeling detached from your brand, misaligned, or even feel embarrassed to direct people to your website, then it might be time to consider a rebrand.

Read about how my client, Maika, decided it was time for a rebrand and the steps she took to invest.

You are looking to reach a new market

The way your brand looks, speaks, or feels can differ from market to market. To reach a new market (or audience) effectively and be known as the “go-to” service provider, you want to be sure that your brand matches the quality you want to deliver.

As an example, if your audience used to be business casual clothing and you are now wanting to work with high-end evening wear, this completely changes everything from your look and feel to your messaging, audience needs, sales journey and more.

You are revamping your offerings

If you are looking to audit, edit, or revamp your packages or even raise your prices, please ensure the quality, visuals, and messaging align with your branded experience and offerings! This is a great opportunity to dig a little deeper so that you are able to stand confidently behind your new services.

You are changing your business name

Changing up your business name is absolutely a big step and may require more of an in-depth rebrand than just a refresh. A business name alone can evoke different emotions. Just because it has worked for your old business does not mean it would translate well over to your new name. Take this opportunity to start fresh and work with a professional branding designer to create something professional, elevated, and memorable.

Ready to step into the next phase of your business?

As a brand strategist and designer, I take on limited clients to help elevate their branding and online presence to the next level so that they can scale with ease. There is nothing worse than not feeling aligned in your business and the lack of confidence that comes with it.

Through the RISE Experience, we will work together to create branding that is strategic, meaningful, and memorable – so that you can effortlessly grow into the new phase of your business.

“Working with Jess has been an absolute life-saving experience! She is so incredibly thoughtful with all of her work and truly took the time to get to know my business and my why which translated into delivering exactly what I didn’t know I needed (and now that I have it I can’t imagine any other way). As a new business owner, I felt very lost and confused at times but she was able to help me build out a solid brand strategy so I could attract my ideal clients and hit the ground running at launch (I’ve already worked with 2 clients and I haven’t even launched yet all because of her). Not only is her work impeccable, beautiful and elegant but she also helped me understand the importance of business strategies and how to implement them. She had so much patience with me when I was trying to figure everything out and was extremely easy to work with and was constantly providing ideas. This was the best investment I could have made and I’m so thankful for Jess & all her hard work!” – Ana Kafie Nutrition


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