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In a world where remote working is growing more and more each day, it’s easier than ever to start an online business with the skills you already have. In this post, I will chat about 5 service-based businesses that you can explore!

Going into a new decade with 20/20 vision? You aren’t the only one! Although the world around us seems to be crashing and burning, online service-based businesses are growing and thriving. More than ever, side hustles are gaining momentum and I don’t blame them. With the ever-changing technology, we are living in a uber-connected world and are in such proximity to tools that can help us create income and impact doing what we love. And with thanks to social media, we can now bring a business idea to life in a matter of hours – that is, if you are truly committed to doing so.

As someone who has launched products and businesses that have failed, I am a huge fan of diving in and seeing what works and what doesn’t work. As Marie Forleo has famously said, “clarity comes from engagement, not thought”, and there is nothing I couldn’t agree more. If I didn’t

You owe it to yourself to try something new this decade and work towards that remote lifestyle that you have always dreamed of. So, grab your favourite notepad, and let’s get down to it!

Here are five service-based online businesses you can start right now with the skills you have:

Resume Writer

Wait, what? Resume writer? That’s a legitimate profession? You bet. The job market is crazy competitive and it’s more important than ever to stand out. Recruiters spend less than 10 seconds looking at a resume, meaning job seekers have to pull out all the stops right away. Not to mention, organizations have programs that scan specific keywords and phrases

If you were to ask 10 people how much they enjoy updating their resume or cover letter, I can safely bet that percentage is quite low. The harsh reality is that many of them are also qualified for the job, they just don’t know how to adequately show off their skills or experience.

As a professional resume writer, it’s your job to get to know someone and be able to sell who they are and what they can do in an authentic way. If you are someone who absolutely adores getting to know people and are able to convey points across – this is an awesome online business to launch. Not to mention, how awesome you will feel opening doors for your ambitious clients!

Skills to have: technical writing, communication, basic graphic design, interpersonal communication.

Social Media Manager

When you think of online service-based businesses, social media is definitely top of mind. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Youtube… the list keeps growing every few months and it has every right to. We have been living in a digital world for the past decade and millennials are now dominating the marketplace and career force. Most companies and brands are now on social media because they know that’s primarily where their target audience lives.

If you are a digitally savvy strategic thinker, this is the perfect role for you as a service-based business owner. From launching campaigns to optimizing content, no two days will ever be the same.

Skills to have: storytelling, customer service, social listening, data analysis, digital marketing, and community building.


Before you start with the argument that you aren’t “a good writer”, let me stop you right there. Everyone can be a writer; the real question is do you want to be? Truth is, if you know how to string a sentence together verbally, you can do the same on a computer.

Blogging is one of the most authentic online businesses you can get into today because everyone is looking to build real relationships with people they trust. More than ever, today’s generation are purchasing products based on relationships and personalities they can relate to online and offline. In fact, I urge you to write in the way that you speak because that’s the true essence of who you are.

Everyone has a voice and it shouldn’t go to waste!

Remember, starting a blog doesn’t have to feel scary or complicated. Don’t worry about investing a lot of money at the beginning stages. Pick a niche or area of interest that you are passionate in and start writing. You would be surprised at how easily the words will flow when you are feeling creative and committed!

Examples of blogging platforms: Squarespace, WordPress, Blogger, Typepad.

Skills to have: creative content writing, basic website management, project planning, and basic search engine optimization (SEO).

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Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant (VA) might be a new term to some, but the profession has been around for quite a while now. With digital entrepreneurship on the rise, many business owners are looking to outsource their day-to-day operational and administrative tasks. And lucky for you, you already possess some or most of these skills to become a VA!

There are so many different types of virtual assistants out there so you don’t necessarily have to worry about fitting into one box! To name a few:

  • General Virtual Assistants: email management, scheduling calls & appointments, customer database management, data entry, document formatting
  • Creative Virtual Assistants: basic graphic design for marketing pieces (blog posts, social media templates, newsletters, or infographics), video editing,
  • Social Media Virtual Assistants: account creation & maintenance, content planning and scheduling, keyword research, data analysis, hashtag research
  • E-commerce Virtual Assistants: inventory management, order processing, transaction management, product fulfillment, creation of product descriptions, customer support, refund & exchange coordination 
  • Finance Virtual Assistants: general book-keeping, accounts/statement reconciliation, payroll processing, inventory management, budgeting, cash flow projection

What did I tell you?! This is an incredible opportunity for anyone who wants to kickstart their online service-based business journey. Not only are you freeing up other entrepreneurs’ time and creative space, but you are also one step closer to your own remote working dreams!

Skills to have: organization, basic administrative, time management, customer service, attention to detail, adaptability – those that can wear many hats and prevail!

Course Creator

Aside from living in a digitally connected world, learning has never been easier. Online learning has become an essential medium for continuous professional development for all industries and sectors. Whether you are a small business owner, seasoned corporate professional, or a Masters’s student, you probably have enrolled in an online webinar or e-course before.

Similar to a novice blogger, mindset is everything. Don’t self-sabotage yourself by thinking that you have nothing to teach or offer. You are full of wisdom and expertise and there are hundreds of people aching to hear from you.

Planning a course is hard work but it is well worth it knowing that you are helping someone out in the long run. Pick a topic or area of focus that you are passionate about and start there! From Calligraphy 101 to How To Use Your Bullet Journal, Analyzing Social Media Metrics to How To Start A Lifestyle Blog, the possibilities are endless! The best advice can give you is to serve your niche selflessly and just be yourself!

Examples of course creation platforms: Youtube, Kajabi, Teachable, Udemy, Skillshare, and Thinkific.

Skills to have: project management, video editing, content writing, public speaking, communication.

Starting an online service-based business has never been easier with the tools and capabilities we have at our fingertips. If you are serious about creating a passive income doing what you love, these are five fantastic opportunities to explore.

Just start today, and don’t overthink it.

Take a step forward.

Trust me, it will be worth it.

As always, I absolutely LOVE hearing all about people’s journeys and ideas – so please leave a note and let me know where you are at!



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