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Vanity Skin Clinic

An education-first skin clinic offering personalized and holistic treatments backed by science and results in Ottawa, ON. Founded by medical aesthetician, Danika Fleming, she is on a mission to revolutionize skin for women suffering from acne through advanced skincare treatments.


SCope of work

Wellness - Health & Beauty

Brand Strategy
Brand Identity Design
Collateral Design
Squarespace Website Design

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"Thank you for changing my life and my business. You are the best human! You literally put me on a rocket and sent me to the moon"

Danika, Vanity Skin Clinic

The Project

The Strategy

Danika first came to me wanting to do an overhaul of her existing branding - which at that time, was essentially just a logo. She was feeling embarrassed to direct visitors to her site and was generally feeling disconnected from her business.

During our initial chat, we also identify that she didn't want to necessarily be known as the "lash lady" anymore but rather be positioned as an authority in the skincare space.

Through our time together redefining her brand from the inside out, we found out that the big "WHY" behind her brand: To defy the status quo and change the way skin clinics operate - where estheticans act as experts rather than "order-takers".

The "dream" clients that she absolutely adores working with are those that are suffering mainly from acne, as it was also a condition she grew up experiencing - which really positioned her as being a practitioner that has been in her clients' shoes before. With that, we really wanted to highlight Vanity Skin Clinic as an education-first clinic. All treatment plans are backed by science and research -- and Danika make it a priority to educate her clients every step of the way so they never have to feel alone or confused when maintaining results.

Knowing all of this, we curated a brand that was modern and sophisticated. The ā€œVā€ in her logo illustrates movement, grace, and growth, as VSC is not one to stay stagnant and providing cookie-cutter solutions to clients. To pair with that,  a molecule structure that symbolized vitality, science, and transformation -- a true reflection of VSC's mission and ethos in her business.

The Results

Before working with Jess, when it came to branding, I felt....

"Confused, overwhelmed, defeated, like I was behind the 8-ball. I originally came into this just "wanting a new logo". Jess made me realize it's SO much more than that, and I am forever grateful for her knowledge and leadership."

Now that your branding is done, How do you expect your new branding to change your business?

"Im no longer embarrassed of my brand or confused by it. I feel like I can sit at the big-kids table and actually show up confidently! I have learned so much from working with you... I feel like I have such an advantage over other businesses just because I have a much better understanding of all the aspects of a good brand!"

  • Pivoted away from lash extensions and positioned herself as the acne skincare expert
  • Attract dream clients that are willing to pay for her value and expertise
  • Increased her pricing!
  • Launched a skincare line "Vanity Skin MD"
  • Grew her team from 1 to 3 within 6 months

on launch week:

since launching:

  • Booked 4 new inquiries within 12 hours of launching
  • Sold out of her online shop within the week

"She is a master at her trade."

If you ever feel lost or overwhelmed in your business (and I mean, who hasn't?!) please please please reach out to Jess at Studio Crescent to solve all your branding & website needs.

She's a master at her trade and goes above and beyond all expectations. Jess has taught me so much during our time together working on my new logo and brand identity for Vanity Skin Clinic. You're a breath of fresh air to work with!

danika - Owner of vanity skin clinic

Tune in

Building a brand is more than just a pretty logo or a functional website. It is the heartbeat of your business and the life of your work.

I want to get to know you ā€” the human behind the business ā€” so we can build a profitable, authentic and reputable brand that will confidently stand the test of time.

Are you ready to invest in your business and elevate your look?

i am as invested in your dreams as you are.

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